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The Association for Shipbuilding History (Arbeitskreis historischer Schiffbau e.V.) was founded in Munich in 1964 as registered charity in order to foster the exchange between those shiplovers and shipmodellers interested in history. Today, the Association counts around 900 members in Germany and world-wide. Members are not only individuals, but also some of the most important maritime museums around world.

The history of shipping and shipbuilding, as well as naval history has developed into such a comprehensive and diverse field of cultural, technical, and political history, that even particular topical areas are difficult to cover by individuals. Exchange and collaboration are, therefore, indispensable. While many members of the Association are known experts in their field, they are by no means ‘professionals’, but rather ‘amateurs’ in the true sense of the term. Long-lasting dedication, archival and field-work often lead to works that will stand up to scientific criteria. The members’ areas of interest encompasses the whole time-frame in which humans are known to have ventured out onto the water, from prehistory to our days. Therefore, one is sure to find an expert for almost any topical area within the membership, who can provide well-founded insight and is willing to engange in conversation. In addition, the Association numbers many experienced shipmodellers, who are willing to share their knowledge with others. In order to avoid misconceptions: the majority of the members are normal hobbyist of all skill-levels, who spend their spare time on these maritime subjects.

Since 1965 the Association has been publishing the quarterly DAS LOGBUCH, which is being distributed to members all over the world and is also being kept in various important museums and research establishment, notably in Amsterdam, London, Moscow, Paris and Washington. DAS LOGBUCH allows members to report on their research and their modelling projects, which are often based on extensive preceding research. The association also publishes in book-form, albeit in irregular intervals, special publications on selected topics, usually based on a member’s more extensive research work.

The annual general assembly (AGM) of the Association is usually held in October at a venue of maritime interest, for instance a museum, and offers members the opportunity to meet in person and engange in conversation. At various locations around Germany more frequent informal meetings, jours fixes, are organised.
The Association also participates in the major model shows around the country in order to promote interest among the public in themes maritime and in ship modelling.
In more recent years the Internet facilitated a simpler and faster exchange between members and also outside individuals, who are interested in maritime topics. The Association set-up a Web-site in order to inform about its members’ work and about relevant maritime topics. Internet fora today are a popular venue for the exchange of knowledge and practical experience and the Association too provides such a forum for its members.

How to become a member ?
Membership is open to any natural person or corporation, including private companies, museums, or research institutions.
You can request membership informally by writing to Bernd.Ahles@arbeitskreis-historischer-schiffbau. The memberships is valid for one calendar year.
The membership fee includes the quarterly DAS LOGBUCH and any of the special publications published during the respective year. It also provides access to the Internet forum. Participation in the AGM and the local meetings is free of extra charge.

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